Friday, May 18, 2012



You are so willing to show off to other men, but will you look into the eyes of your mother, or grandmother with the same pride and tell her what you do? To watch her lip quiver, her eyes tear up, and her heart break as she looks at another man in her life that thinks it’s ok to do this. Where is your courage then? You represent all the people that have raised you, and this is what you show the world. How you have failed all the people that raised you. 

You once swore your allegiance to me, and then I found out who you really are. After all of these years for the respect I thought you treated me with, but only to find out not to other women. How dare you compartmentalize me. Just because you never preyed on me, doesn’t make what you have done to other women ok. You have broken my heart to know what you have done, and how you did it with such pride. Do you still rape women? I know you do. You piece of shit. Now man up, and go tell your mother and grandmother to their face what you have done. And if you cry doing it, good. Cry. Cry like a broken hearted woman, because you chose to not live your life like a real man.

And because of what you have done and taken from someone else, you will never see a real man staring back at you from the mirror. You will never be able to earn that. No matter how many daughters you bring into the world to try and make up for it. Every time you rape, I hope you see them. Your mothers face, your grandmothers face, your daughters face staring back at you. By all means, break their soul to save your own. 


And to the one who did prey on me. That which doesn’t kill me, had better start running. If and when I get you into a courthouse, and into prison, know this. The first thirteen years of your sentence, those are my years. Bitch.     

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