Friday, May 18, 2012



Court is tomorrow. Today I have a meeting with my advocate and hopefully she will be able to talk to the centers lawyer to help me prepare for battle tomorrow. Ed is not aware that I know about what Naylor said in the pre text phone call, so I can’t bring it up in court, or the fact that I think he is saying what he did about there not being a rape in order to protect himself. It’s leaving me to feel pretty vulnerable about keeping this restraining order in place. I can’t risk him going to Naylor and telling him anything about the investigation. I can only stick with what had been suggested at the police station about trying to intimidate and persuade a witness. There is no doubt with telling me I drank myself to a blackout and that I should move is persuading. I have seen his threats of violence and trying to get into fights on the street increase in the last two years, and I can hopefully use that even if there is no hard proof. I don’t like feeling this unprepared. I had gone out a little bit feeling somewhat safe with the temporary restraining order. I went with my friend T to get dinner and a few drinks. He knows the whole story. We joke about it. “If I do a favor for you, I mean, do my job for you, then I would have to do it for everyone. Do you know how many rapists are out there?” His best impersonation of the detective.

Cinco de Mayo I went out. On my own. I have to get used to being who I am again, and I have never had a problem going to a bar or restaurant on my own. It’s how you try out new places, or meet new people. The place I go to, I have been plenty of times, but I know Naylor doesn’t stray this far down the Boulevard. I feel a relative safety. I ran into a woman at the bar. She tells me she knows where I live because she hung out twice with a guy who lives in my building. I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I tell her I have a restraining order against Ed. She informs me of inappropriate conduct when she was drunk and passed out. Border line rape she calls it. She will consider telling the police. I don’t blame her for not wanting to after all the lovely treatment I have received from them. I also find out someone else was drugged by Naylor. A guy. I had never thought Naylor was drugging whoever he wants. It had honestly never occurred to me. I wake up the next morning relieved and enraged. This guy is drugging whoever he wants. I can’t be the only person that has ever come forward about this.

----- ------- May 6 (3 days ago) to ------ -----
I can't believe what I was told last night but I know it's true. ------ has been at the ----- ---- every night since he raped me. Not only that, but he has drugged other people. The guy I ran into last night was also drugged by -----. ----- does this to whoever he wants to at the ------ -----. He is there every night between 4 and 5 pm. I was told by the Hollywood detective after being mercilessly called a liar again that the phone number you have for ------ is no good. Here's a fucking idea. Why don't you just sit an officer on plain clothes at the ------- ------ between 4 and 5 and see what ----- does. He will probably dose your officer too. I can't believe he has done this to so many people because you two didn't want to fucking believe a rape victim over a rapist and a guy who-------------------------------. I will never forgive either of you for the bullshit treatment you have put me thru. That fuck head thinks that cops are too stupid or lazy to catch him and the worst part is, you have made him right. He probably drugged some one last night. I just pray she or he wasn't raped either because you two didn't want to get off your condescending asses and do something about a guy who thinks he has the right to drug whoever he wants to. Jesus Christ. How's about you do your job for once and just send someone in there? Fuck off forever.

Yeah, I’m pissed. But now that a guy was drugged, and not raped, I’m sure they will send in the armed forces to stop this guy. Even if they don’t, I am finally consoled by the fact that if Naylor is drugging the kind of guys that go to that bar, he will be in a body bag soon enough. There are plenty of guys that go up there that you just don’t do this to.

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