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There are a lot of reasons to not kill yourself. Family, friends, the painful process of passing charcoal which sounds as fun as it is. I know now that the judge did what she did because of what the law defines as a threat. The fact that there is not something else in place to defend people from harassment is a failure of our system. To me it’s just bending the rules on free speech. Did the judge and bailiff do for me all they could by putting Ed in the hot seat with an understanding to never contact me again? Yes. Did I feel like it was defeat and take it completely the wrong way with almost really bad consequences? Yes. I have had time to think about just how screwed up our whole system is. To most people no means no. The bad guys get put away.

If a person is drunk or unconscious, it is considered rape.
If they are unable to consent, it is rape.
If they are handicapped or old or unable to defend themselves even from someone they know, it is rape. 

Rape as defined by our justice system….

If you are White, Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Inuit, Native American, or other; it is not rape.
If you have ever had consensual sex, sexted, flirted with or looked at the person who raped you, it is not rape.
If you know the name of the person who raped you, it is not rape.
If you don’t know the name of the person who raped you, what do you expect me to do about it?
If you were unable to consent it is not rape, you put yourself in this position, what do you expect me to do about it?
If you were wearing clothing, no matter how much or how little, it is not rape.
If you were drugged, you were probably having a good time and it is not rape.
If you were dancing or moving about in any way, it is not rape.
If you were breathing it is not rape.
If you are a woman it is not rape.
If you are a man, you can’t be raped so what do you want me to do about it?

Can I have my paycheck now since I just solved all these rapes? 80% of rapists are serial rapists. This number is probably higher. 10% of rape cases are found to be untrue. Really? Like how these detectives are saying mine is? I have to wonder if this percentage should be smaller. Out of 100 rapes, only one rapist will spend any time in jail. And that might even be limited to only one day. Murder is considered the highest violent committed crime in our country, with rape a close second. Most murders are committed by someone who the victim knew. If 80% of murderers were serial killers, there would be militias forming all over our country. But rape?

Well, let’s treat 80% of the cases like the minority 10% that will be unfounded or thought to be a fabrication. Let’s face it; we are a rape friendly country. We help rapists. That’s the bottom line. We do. But because the men of our country won’t or can’t help us, we are left to be raped and carry on. If more men felt the humiliation of warm blood and cum dripping down your thigh and a cop said you’re mistaken, more men might be willing to help us women put these serial rapists away. They prey on ones they have made contact with. That’s how they operate. Of course we know them. That’s their plan. Yet, we are held responsible for their plan. I’m not the one who walked out of my house with date rape drugs in my pocket. Naylor was. But I am blamed for not knowing what he was carrying.

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