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 I receive a phone call from a Detective M. He wants me to come into the Mid-Wilshire station. He is Det. T’s boss. Or so I think. He will look at the facts and determine if Det. T is doing his job or not, and if I should be assigned a new detective. I go in March 20th. I’m already not liking the station. Both times I walk in there; the uniformed officer at the front desk is watching daytime TV on a cart parked in the middle of the reception area. “I don’t know who that is, you will have to call them” each time I try to check in. The front desk officers have no idea who works there or where. I always have to call for them. “He is one of my best, he had been doing this for twenty years” Det. M tells me in a conference room. Strange, Det. T told me he had been doing this for ten years. My file is spread across the desk. A copy of my driver’s license sits on top of my blood alcohol report. I grab that and look. It reads 0.0000. That’s a lot of zeros for someone who was supposedly in a drunken blackout and tested less than 12 hours later. “Well, it’s normal to have a small reading as there is normally some alcohol constantly in the blood stream”. “But I have all zeros. Does this mean the test is wrong or something?”

He moves on. I continue to press him. Where is the THC? I smoked weed the day I was drugged. The toxicology is wrong if it didn’t find the THC and the drugs. In my mind they are linked, find one and you will find the other. Find none, and your test is damn wrong. We will do a retest he tells me. Let’s see what it says. If drugs turn up, then we can issue an arrest warrant right away, if not, then this case isn’t strong enough to go before the DA. I agree and walk out of the station. I am hopeful because once they get the new results in; they will see that I’m telling the truth. He says he will listen to the pre text phone call tape after I have left. He will call me and let me know what he thinks. He does. “Ms. Hunter, I don’t hear a rape here. Both of you were drunk. You weren’t drugged, you weren’t raped, and there just isn’t a rape here. You’re mistaken”.

Hello shock, my old friend. April 9th I start emailing him. It’s been two weeks since we met up. I am waiting for the retest of my toxicology. Two weeks since the phone call where I have to defend myself yet again. No, you are mistaken. I’m hanging onto the truth. I know how I came to that morning. I am sick of all of these men telling me I’m wrong. I’m not fucking wrong. I’m not going to listen to the rapist, or the person who used to be a friend that wants to side with the rapist, or the two detectives who want to listen to these two men over a victim. These lab results will prove everything. My advocate is concerned that I am fixated on these test results. ; That I can’t allow myself to move forward with healing because of it. I tell her I don’t know which way to heal. If he walks and nothing ever happens to Naylor, I have to process that. If I have to go to court and sit in a room full of strangers and tell intimate details of what happened to me to help put his ass away, then that’s a whole different process I have to go thru. I’m in limbo until I know what the results are. I don’t know which way to focus my brain. The detective still doesn’t respond.

Finally on the 13th Det. M emails me back.
 Apr 13 to me I have been off, I will get back to you by Monday or Tuesday. --------------, Detective-III. OWB-SAD
4849 West Venice
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Stop 920 Direct ---------- Main ----------

I’m going insane. A barrage of psychotic emails comes from me including getting a lawyer. The back and forth continues. On the 17th, after a sobbing call to the rape center, he finally gets back to me.
Apr 17 to me
The second report came in this morning, nothing other than the drug Desloratadine (Clarinex) was located, this test was conducted by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. We are actively working your case and will let you know when the case is presented to the District Attorneys office.
----------, Detective-III. OWB-SAD
4849 West Venice
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Stop 920 Direct ---------- Main ---------- >>>> 4/17/2012 7:02 AM >>>

Why hello again shock. It is raining and the gate at work gets stuck. I’m furious and now I have to deal with this. The pouring rain is at least hiding my tears that keep running down my face. An event is loading in and I could give a shit less about someone’s party. I go home early. So what does any insane girl do when no one will listen to her? The next day I call the LA coroner. Why is the coroner working on a drug test anyway? Last time I checked, I had a heartbeat. That’s even what the doctor at the hospital said after he cleared me for transport after the rape. The coroner is a really nice guy. He says he has to make some phone calls and will get back to me. He does. The LAPD tells him only the detectives should be dealing with me. He doesn’t agree with not calling me back. He does tell me he is not authorized to tell me the details of what he found. Only the detective is authorized to do that. I understand and we talk.

“Ms. Hunter, this was by no means a re-test. This test was requested March 7th. The results were turned back into the LAPD crime lab March 26th”. I met with Det. M about getting a new detective and him ordering the “re-test” March 20th. He probably already had the results and then sat on them for three weeks. Guess who is back again. Yup, shock. How many times can the human body go into shock before something major happens? Can I get stuck in a constant state of this? Like someone smacking the back of your head if you make an ugly face? “He said they didn’t find any drugs except Claritin in my system, I’ve told everyone I smoked weed. The THC should be in there” I tell Mr. A. “What?!? Ms. Hunter, I only tested what I was asked to look for. If you feel that these detectives are not being honest with you or doing their job correctly, you have every right to pursue this and get help. Get someone to listen to you. The squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

Was he not asked to look for THC? Shock finally starts dissipating into fighting again. A willingness to fight. I haven’t felt that in a long time. My awesome friend A tells me I can get a sample tested on my own at a lab. I call my doctor. Who else can I call and say I’m fighting with the LAPD, can you recommend any labs? “We don’t handle that” says the office manager. She can’t get off the phone fast enough with me. I understand, but I need her to give me as much info as I can get. “I’m not in the medical field” I tell her. There has to be someplace. Labcorp she replies. Thank you. My friend S who has recently come back in my life calls and gets the info for me. It’s a process I just can’t deal with right now. “Its $65 to do a urine test for weed, $385 to check blood. But here’s the thing, if you don’t smoke all the time and maintain a certain level, it won’t read. It’s the same thing for any other drug. If you don’t do it all the time to a certain level, it won’t show up.” This is why they couldn’t find the THC or the date rape drugs. They didn’t turn the volume all the way up on the stereo. It’s not that it’s not there; they just aren’t looking hard enough to find it. That’s how it works. We won’t really look, but we will be quick to tell you that you weren’t drugged. Why? You can’t be bothered to collect all the evidence properly? Apr 17 to me
Usually you would need to present me with a court order, however in this case I will take it under consideration. For chain of custody reasons we would need the information on the lab that would be picking it up. Our Criminalists have the procedure, we are an investigative unit not criminalists. We must follow approved scientific protocols for this as is evidence.
---------, Detective-III. OWB-SAD
4849 West Venice
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Stop 920 Direct ---------- Main ----------

My friend M tells me over lunch, “Yeah, you can have an outside lab test for it, and they will probably find it, but it’s not admissible in court. If it’s not thru the LAPD, it won’t be allowed in”. “So even if I find it, the only thing its good for is to prove the LAPD levels of looking for date rape drugs aren’t high enough”. “Yup” she says, taking another sip off of her homemade juice. I can fall into this pit of never ending money spending to prove what I already know and have it go nowhere, or I can scream bloody murder until they find it themselves. M has been a steadfast friend thru all of this. She can only comment on the penis size of the detectives involved, but her phone calls have gotten thru to enough people to keep the case open. It’s more than what I could have done on my own, even if her style is somewhat more “the government is out to screw us” then mine. I love her fiery attitude and it has done a lot to keep this case open. She will find out more info on the people involved in my case and get me as high up the ladder as she can. She also can’t allow this rapist to walk knowing what she knows.

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